before (after the first plant’s in the ground)

It was a rainy morning after a very wet week but we went out in the rain to plant a few more succulents at the Carson st. Guerrilla Garden. The soil was pretty soaked but it made the digging very easy.


I wasn’t really into working in the mud but Matilda of  Biotopia Sustainable Landscaping was here from Sweden and was determined to get in some guerrilla gardening while she is in town. There were a couple plants I had to plant but she talked me , one plant at a time, into planting all the plants we brought.

We had a very light rain for the first half hour and then it stoped altogether making it easier to work in the mud without our rain gear on.

The garden looked great and even though there was just the two of us the work went pretty fast.

All photos Matilda of  Biotopia Sustainable Landscaping