If you are planning your Christmas party in Leicester you will need to think about some catering. It may be that the venue that you have chosen for your party caters for buffet food. If not however you must decide who will cater for you.


Here at Leicester Catering Company, we are experienced in providing food for Christmas parties, both during lunch and at evenings, in your own offices or elsewhere.


It shouldn’t matter to a catering company how many guests you have or what your budget is. A creative catering company will be able to produce a Christmas buffet to suit all tastes at whatever level of budget you have.

Christmas Time in Leicester

Your Christmas finger buffet provider should be able to offer you a choice of menus, which enables you to choose elements to feed both vegetarian and non vegetarian guests. Some like their food spicy and some plain, and again, the range of food provided should aim to suit all. It may be that you go for a seasonal menu or something without Turkey!


As the food will be finger food, it should be easy to eat and yet pleasing to the eye. It should be freshly made and delivered in a way that keeps it fresh and in the condition that it left the caterers establishment.


We will work with you to provide exactly what you need at a price you can afford. Our menus can be taken as offered or put together by you.


We can work on short notice if required, but we also get booked up very quickly and so would advise you to contact us early for a quote and a sample menu.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Walking Round Leicester at Christmas Time

It’s thought that Leicester – Leicestershire was a Celtic settled community. There is a loosened theory that this is based on as a result of the fact that there is no printed reference of the town up until 47 AD when Romans took the community under their policy. And sometimes when walking round at Christmas, and seing all of the beautiful Christmas lights down Welford Road and around Blaby.

The Romans laid down a grid design and developed the town around the market center. The Romans developed a drain system in town and also walking roads and a basilica-the city center. When they left in 407, the community was left in damages and uninhabited for the most part. Fortunately, throughout the 7th century, the community began to increase and prosper.

Now, you can check out Leicester- a town that has relied upon wool manufacturing for most of their source of income for centuries. During different time periods, Leicester was struck by bad luck. There were bouts of the pester that wiped out several of the locals of the community and the wool trade lowered dramatically yet came back once more.

In 1794, the Soar Canal was completed. This provided the transport of iron and charcoal into the community a lot easier and Leicester began to once again thrive. If you take pleasure in discovering about the abundant past of your mother country, Leicester provides an energizing retreat from city life with an instructional twist to your holiday or away days.

The fine arts are substantially cherished in the area of Leicester – Leicestershire. There are numerous theaters and doing arts centers that have annual festivals that draw crowds from many nations. You can partake in several creative ventures by the locals all year long-check online for schedules and days.

If you’re interested in loosening up journeys within the Leicester location, you can hire a watercraft to take you along the Grand Union canal or the entire household will appreciate a steam train ride on the Great Central Train. There’s no lack of points to do in Leicester, regardless of what you enjoy to do.

General Xmas Info on the Festive Season

Every household, every community, every city and every country has Xmas practices of their own. May it be a basic family members ski journey every holiday season or a marvelous Christmas tree lights that includes the entire urban area, these activities bring people together in the spirit of Christmas. X-mas customs keep us grounded to our origins and provide us something impressive to anticipate every year.

Here are some well-liked Xmas traditions around the world:.

Establishing Xmas Vegetation

Whether you reduced a fir or an evergreen annually or you make use of an artificial one for your home, setting up and embellishing a X-mas plant has belonged to every person’s vacation traditions. There are many speculative concepts behind the actual beginning of the Xmas tree, however several agree that the customized can be mapped back to the Renaissance Period and very early modern Germany. Much like the origin of the Christmas wreath, pre-Christian Germans accumulated evergreens throughout cool wintertime nights as a sign of wish to the coming springtime. Some would show evergreen trees inside their homes or outside their doors.

The initial evidence of decorated X-mas Vegetation can be mapped back in the Revival Period, in the guild venues of Northern Germany. Throughout Xmas, trees were embellished with sweets for the children and pupils to appreciate.

Exchanging Presents

Among the many factors that get everyone, particularly kids, excited about Xmas is the custom of providing and answering presents. A lot of say that the act of trading gifts on Xmas day was affected by Saturnalia, an old Roman festival that occurred yearly, late in December, around the time of Xmas. The last day of the festival, called Sigillaria, is the day of gift-giving. People traded presents due to the fact that the value of their gifts marked their social condition at the time.

Trading gifts throughout the holidays is additionally associated with the custom of Santa Claus providing presents to kids on Christmas day, in addition to the 3 Kings’ offering of gold, frankincense and incense to the new-born Jesus.

Singing Christmas Carols

After Halloween, shopping centers quickly change their designs to a Christmas theme, obtaining customers in the spirit of the holidays playing Christmas carols behind-the-scenes. Singing and listening to Christmas songs is one tradition that we can not live without during the holiday. The family members compiling around the piano singing catchy Xmas tunes or hearing a choir vocalizing X-mas carols in perfect consistency work as the topping to the birthday cake of a splendid occasion.

Beginnings of Christmas carols can be mapped back to hundreds of years ago, with pagans vocalizing carols throughout the Winter season Solstice (the quickest day of the year) which often occurred every 23rd of December.